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Where Do I Go From Here: March On Los Angeles

In a great irony, those of us who want equality and fairness for all have had to face some facts around the presidential election this year. Though many of us are in disbelief at the results, we still have to respect people who don't value equality as much. It's a little bit of an irony, a catch-22. Although I would like to believe I am able to live as a human without judgment against others. The truth is, I do judge people pretty severely. Although I'm trying to temper that.  

It's hard not to judge Trump supporters. But I have to treat them and their ideas with respectful neutrality. Yes, as a human who believes in legal equality for all I'm upset that this happened. But now what? Do I just sit back in anger? Do I just take it personally? That's what I would have done in the past. Did we do anything after the 2000 election when Florida mysteriously changed its electoral votes? No, we just kept going.  

So part of me initially fantasized about stuffing equality down the throats of smug Trump supporters, that won't help anything. It's time to get our heads out of the clouds and begin to root something that will nourish the world we want to live in. We can't forget we're human. 

My values are to be reconsidered. People with similar values to me felt safe and therefore inactive when we had someone we thought was similar to us in the White House, as the face and public leader of our country. I think people like me who are just beginning to step into maturity married to deep values of love over hate and anger didn't realize that we now have to do something about it. Not just meditate on it. We also have to appreciate this opportunity and stop living in fear. 

Downtown Los Angeles, 11.12.16

We can criticize all we want - yes, he says things that are hard to hear - blatantly disrespectful, can we learn to accept the part of us that finds it hard to accept those outside of us? Can we learn to not let hate and anger drag us down even though that's the easy path? Can we use our intelligence to change the laws to protect what we value? Or to change the way laws exist and who actually gets to control them to begin with? 

This new world we live in is actually kind of exciting. If I wasn't judging it as good or bad, but simply let it exist as it is - I would look at it as tremendous opportunity. The United States is a spectrum of people. We each have our layers of beliefs and values. Within the spectrum we are forced to define ourselves within one of three voting agendas despite our multi-layers - Republican, Democrat, or independent. Although it's hard to see that many people actually supported our current president-elect - I think it's worse to judge them for their vote. It isn't fair to judge "them." Just as it's unfair for "them" to judge "us." We're supposed to be a "we" but we're currently torn apart. I don't think an entire country has to feel itself as a united collective, but I think as humans it would benefit us immensely to be united as a human collective bonded by more than what we hate. The catch-22 is there, the very nature of being human is to have judgments, self-interests. How can we accept others just being human when we ourselves are human?

Many people agree the elected candidate is not the image of someone we would like to think of as our leader.  He isn't someone who we consider above us, a better version of the average citizen fit to "lead" the country. I think in the past we tended to expect super-humaness from those in power and in the public eye. But we are all "just" human. We all have our prejudices and moments of weakness. Isn't it time we see those in power for what they are - humans with shortcomings, who happen to hold extra responsibility and power. But if we take ourselves outside our own peripheral vision of living during this specific time in this particular country - what do we see? We see humans who are awake now. Humans who see that the world we lived in just a few weeks ago is not the world we live in today. Even those of us who thought we knew, had no idea that we were just on one side of the half, not the majority. I don't know if we realized how the "other side" felt, or even that they existed. That might be the scariest thing. 

This is a wake-up call. Can I remain asleep and inactive any longer? How can I spill a loving energy into the world? It's because of this that we can flower. When I say that I believe it's reserved for everyone, not just those on the side I happen to stand on.