I Just Wanted To See Them In Person

I just wanted to see it for myself. Was it really worth all the attention? Were there really seemingly endless horizons of open blooming desert flowers? Oranges and whites scattered across green and yellow fields? Yes, there were. It was fun driving out almost two hours each way just to see some flowers and take some pictures. 

Out on Lake Street in Riverside County is where to see them in person. I would say my curiosity has been satisfied. The pathway to these poppies is a dusty trail with scraggly rocks. The trail is wide, but on either end there tend to be drop-offs that aren't as steep as they look (but close). It looks like one would fall straight down the semi-dangerous slopes. Luckily I didn't, though it was a definite possibility.

Apparently these poppies aren't always around. This kind of bloom only occurs under the right prescription of conditions - lots of rainfall in the right places which is never a guarantee in California.

On a side note, poppies are known for their connection to opium. Although these California poppies are not opiates, I looked it up and found opiates are known as "analgesics," which means they are painkillers. It's been lovely to come out and see this analgesic scene to balance my daily routine. I kinda have this thing against routines. Totally worth the two hour drive each way and dusty feet. Definitely crossing my fingers for more rainfall and fields of flowers ASAP. It was very satisfying.

Take a peek at the cleaving hills populated by millions of poppies peaking.

Are these wheat or weeds?

Kind of candid, thanks to Ivan.

I don't know who these people are but they asked Ivan to take their picture.

He's beautiful.

Ivan's cell phone pic, for scale.