Troy Hall, USC. I lived in apartment 305 I think. I was working on my Drawing 101 class project here and drinking from that Chococat mug I still have. I remember painstakingly and lightly drawing that orchid in pencil, erasing what I could and then filling it in rainbow form with my very expensive Prismacolor color pencils. I felt like an artist. You can even see my electric pencil sharpener there. Because sharp tools are a necessity for rainbow colored orchids. 

This was my last full semester at USC. It was the semester I met my now husband/father of my child. It was the the last semester before a lot of things fell apart and I struggled to put my life together. To being skinny with bad highlights, dreams without direction, not being comfortable with myself, and then to thirteen years later as those things have been slowly reversed. I’ve filled out and my highlights are excellent, I’ve managed to contain my dreams into several creative outlets and I am (mostly) comfortable being who I am.

2.23.19, wearing my art ( necklace, earrings + ring all made by me  :))

2.23.19, wearing my art (necklace, earrings + ring all made by me :))