The Experiment: Going Vegetarian For a Week

I know I'm late to the party, but I tried going vegetarian for a week. Although it will probably be more like pescatarian/vegetarian. Why? To see if I could do it. To expand my recipe repertoire, to cleanse myself of the habit of meat at every major meal, to find out if I feel any better. I won't know until I try it. 

For lunch I tried a whole new recipe featuring garbanzo bean salad. It was super quick to make which I appreciate and it was ok. I accidentally added way too much garlic to the avocado dressing but now I know...I think I prefer the avocado in non-dressing form. Also, my salad was missing crunch. Note to self: crunch is a great texture, over-garlicking not good.

The next day I tried a tofu bahn mi recipe. I really didn't expect it to be as amazingly satisfying as it was. I faithfully pickled my own daikon, carrots and cucumber the night before. The next day I made the tofu marinade and purchased a fresh baguette from (the aptly named) Mr. Baguette. The result was no less than phenomenal (or phenomenomnom). Seared Tofu Bahn Mi from Love and Lemons

The third day my dad came by bearing gifts of beef taquitos with fresh guacamole. Voraciously carnivore for one day, why not? It was a gift I couldn't turn down when he had driven out of his way to pick it up. Although, truth be told, I truly felt off that day. He had also brought me a box of chocolates so you can see I didn't really get many greens in that day.

The fourth day I don't recall what I had, but it was Monday and I recall sticking to it. The fifth day I had some chicken because my husband made it and I didn't want it to go to waste, but rest assured it was the smallest piece. The sixth day I succeeded again with a tofu and avocado bowl, but I did have spicy tuna rolls and, um, maybe a piece of Spam musubi for dinner. The funny thing is I just realized now that I really should not have had that Spam. 

On the seventh day, I really was quite proud of myself because I succeeded all day on a almond butter and jelly sandwich, garbanzo bean salad, pan dulce (carbs and sugar aren't meat) and coffee. As tempting as it was to fulfill my husband's request for sausage for the spaghetti he made for dinner, I passed. I went as far as to walk to the meat aisle, finger the package slightly and hesitate between decisions for a minute. Then I read the ingredients and decided I didn't really want that in my body. Instead I brought mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella cheese to replace where we would normally add meat. 

The crazy, crazy thing is that I'm going to stick to this. I really think going mostly meatless is the thing for me. For one, I think I needed to cleanse myself of requiring meat to feel like I ate. Secondly, I wanted to replace meat with more veggies. Thirdly, the way we raise animals for slaughter is inhumane and I want to remove my support for that industry. I know I'm just one woman but I was a carnivorous woman and now I am a pescatarian woman with a penchant for veggies. I will occasionally indulge in red meat, pork and chicken but, I won't be doing it how I did it before (daily). 


The only meal I photographed, making salsa.