Yosemite: The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Up close and personal with this partly frozen, mostly mesmerizing snow...

Day 1: Impending snowstorm meant mistiness & chill.

Day 2: Clear, sunny sky meant crystalized light shining through melting snow drops.

This pic reminds me of cherry blossoms, but with snow instead.

There's never not a good time to quote poets. Especially American poets who wrote about the woods when one has recently returned from a trip to Yosemite National Park. Although I never thought I would have occasion to bring up Robert Frost in real life, I somehow just found a way. I was never really into him but one will find that encountering his work is not the road less travelled as an English major. (I really need to do something about my sense of humor...).

I am not feeling particularly personal about these images of nature. This was more of a technical exercise for me. I don't do a lot of outdoor stuff so I don't typically photograph the beauty that is nature. I don't know that I felt awed and inspired at first. I do know that I experienced intense anxiety driving up the winding mountain roads in the snow. So it took me a while to be able to breathe and enjoy. Eventually I did and on our second trip up the mountain I knew enough to close my eyes, inhale, exhale and...ok, I'll shut up about my anxiety. I named this after a line in Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost to help understand what it was like being able to walk into the woods, underneath trees taller than average buildings, to realizing one could get lost there, to being able to capture some really moody pics with only pseudo-amateur photo skills. I'll do a separate post with my personal pics, but for now, an ocular feast.

A cropped image of the sky on on the way to Coarsegold, California.

Sadly, this might have been my best landscape shot (lol).

The sky in Oakhurst, California just outside Yosemite. The locals are jerks but the skies are very nice.

The lighting was ok I guess.

Like a postcard, done by a terrible photographer.

Angelic light, deep snowy woods...catch your breath if you can.