La Prueba SELA: Night Three

Night three's poets at Jim's Burgers in city of Bell. (The pancakes and Mexican food in the same place....)

La Prueba's mission is to bring cultural events to Southeast Los Angeles through music, food and art. La Prueba's summer test kitchen and music lab events have all been at Corazon y Miel in the City of Bell for unique event experience that is a rare find so close to home. Night Three of La Prueba on August 31st was especially exciting for me because it had a strong poetry focus and I was asked to photograph two of the poets before the event in South Gate and Huntington Park *heart emoji*.  

Dorenyse Diaz at El Pueblo Bakery in South Gate.

Dorenyse Diaz writes and performs her poetry about life as a 'mujer. nica. southeastangelena. soul poesia.'. Her poetry is full of beautiful phrases treading softly but every few lines, there's a stop and a line will punch you with its utter practicality and absurdity of reality. I watched her write a poem within the hour before she was about to perform at Corazon y Miel for La Prueba night three. This woman is talented and wild. 

Gage Bowl and Hector Flores in the morning.

Hector Flores was up bright, early and sparking with enthusiasm for the pre-event shoot in Huntington Park. He has genuine, positive energy and talent that just won't quit. As a poet and member of band Las Cafeteras, Hector dedicates his creative spirit to telling the stories of what it is to grow up and live in Los Angeles. From first hand experience and hearing Hector perform his poetry, I will say those are some interesting stories. He finds the words and phrases and just capture this little, big part of the world. 

Dorenyse  of the  SELA Collective  by South Gate Park.

Dorenyse of the SELA Collective by South Gate Park.

Hector Flores in front of Gage Bowl in Huntington Park.

Casually being interviewed by LATV, no big deal.

Casually being interviewed by LATV, no big deal.

In addition to being passionate and amazing, Alma and Cynthia, the two sophisticated ladies behind La Prueba like to have fun too! 

Viva Los Cupcakes - especially the tamale con mole cupcake.

Poetry on Demand by poesia Xitlalic. (She wrote a beautiful poem about glitter for me that I keep pinned to my wall at work :)

The last La Prueba of this series is tomorrow, Monday 9/28 at Corazon y Miel! Join La Prueba SELA for food by @muchoperrola and music by Maria Del Pillar and Rebecca Lane

Corazon y Miel || 6626 Atlantic Avenue, Bell, CA, 90201

Monday 9/28/15 || Doors @7pm || Music @8pm

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