La Prueba SELA: Night Two

La Prueba's summer series "pairs LA's eclectic music scene with unique culinary offerings." The second La Prueba SELA event happened on July 27th and had all the elements that made night one a success along with some new twists. Two bands, live art, one taco truck and a packed Corazon y Miel in Bell, California made La Prueba's night two officially irresistible.  

Food & Drink

Carnitas El Momo taco truck served unique tacos (ever had foie gras in a corn tortilla?) outside the restaurant.  Soft, sweet mole flavored cupcakes from Vegan Chica couldn't help but find their way onto my plate and there were of course dreamy smooth cocktails by Corazon y Miel's bartenders. Michelada, Borra-Cha and craft beer were among the choices. With a drink/cupcake/taco in one hand and a camera in the other, I very much enjoyed night two.

Carnitas and cupcakes, yes!

Tuning the sound live.

The two amazing ladies who create, fund and curate La Prueba: Alma and Cynthia.

Live Music & art:

Artist Marlon Marinero contributed to the space with his colorful pieces and worked on a piece during the event. Cutty Flam Band and The Honey Tones played the second night of La Prueba. If you haven't heard of them, take a listen, you might find Cutty Flam's energy or The Honey Tone's sweetness to be your flavor. Let's just say, you'll feel like dancing and no one will judge you. 

Cutty Flam photo by @alma308

The Honey Tones photo by @alma308

It's very easy to fall for La Prueba, why resist? The last La Prueba event of the summer is happening August 31st at 7pm at Corazon y Miel. So excited for two amazing LA grown poets Dorenyse Diaz and Hector Flores to take the stage along with music by Cuicani!

coming soon...

La Prueba Night Three // August 31st @ Corazon y Miel