Vegas at 31: Photo Diary

This sign just sucked me right in.

My husband proposed the idea of going to Vegas for a weekend in February. I needed something to take the edge off working online retail during the holidays. Research was done, arrangements were made. Our daughter would stay with my mom-in-law for the weekend. For the first time in four and half years we would both be away from Neve. I envisioned a blurry weekend of semi-inebriation and luxuriating in 48 hours of just me and my husband. My husband envisioned a blurry weekend of annihilated inebriation and luxuriating in 48 hours of partying with his friends. I don't think we shared our visions in detail before our arrival.  

Vegas always seems like a good idea at the time, but somehow when I get there it's not quite what I had in mind ($20 for a Malibu and rum I could put in my daughter's juice cup?!). Sometimes I think the best part is driving there because of the anticipation (and car snacks). I had a good time in that I had a milkshake that literally had butterscotch pudding and a cookie in it at Burgr. I also had a great time sleeping in a quiet air-conditioned room in a big comfy bed during the day. I had fun with our friends and just having the sense of getting away from it all even if I really didn't escape anything at all. But I still vow I won't go back unless I have tickets to see Britney Spears' show. Fasten your seatbelt for an unedited photo diary of the trip...this is the lens through which I see Vegas at age 31. Far less kaleidscopic and debauched than the first time I went at age 21. I hope I don't depress anyone. 

The strip at dawn. I pulled an all-nighter fueled by caffeine and video roulette. 

My husband, his girlfriend and our friend Brenda.

Candid moments at Lobster Me.

Polished floor, light up sign, I couldn't resist.

5am casino lobby vacuuming in session.

David caught on film being accidentally serious.

Old Vegas is photogenic.

This pic might describe everything about our trip.


After five hours in the car, you'd probably do this too. Plus, we are just that cool obviously.

So long Vegas. You were mildly entertaining, but really I can get drunk and be absolutely ridiculous with my friends for much cheaper at home.  You haven't seen the last of me though. I'll be back to look forward to you and then complain about you when I get home.