Event: La Prueba at Corazon y Miel

On June 29th the first La Prueba Test Kitchen and Music Lab debuted at Corazon y Miel in Bell, California. Southeast Los Angeles may not be known for its event scene (yet) but two homegrown visionaries want to change that. Drawing from the area's roots in Latin culture, Alma Guzman and Cynthia Fuentes collaborated with the owners of Corazon y Miel to develop 'a night where the eclectic and edgy sounds of LA's music scene meets the bold culinary flavors of Corazon y Miel'. A special menu, craft cocktails and live music from Sin Color and Yanga throughout the night transformed their vision into a reality that could tasted, heard and felt. It was beautiful to see it unfold.

Sin Color performed live. I loved it.

Southeast LA is so culturally rich and vibrant, but definitely lacks spaces where creativity can flourish. With La Prueba, our goal was to provide a platform for artists to share their talents and a space where the SELA community can share stories and bask in the good vibes.
— Alma Guzman

The bar was packed, meals were rushing out and everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening. The community is small but the turnout was surprisingly large for the first time event. I saw nothing but a sea of joyful faces and felt positive energy all around. I was only able to stay through Sin Color but I heard enough to know that I want more. 

I enjoyed myself immensely and can't wait for future events. I had the Salsa Roja cocktail and Short Rib Poutine - super flavorful short ribs on a bed of fries. Not all fries are created equal. It could have been the jus au short ribs and fermented red peppers that topped them, but good food always thrills me no matter how simple. The Salsa Roja was tasty, refreshing and potent. Based on the drinks and special menu of La Prueba, I would return to Corazon y Miel just to try their daily menu items to get my fix between events.

The bar shelves alight with candles set the mood for the magic of the evening.

Cocktail 'Salsa Roja': Jalapeno infused tequila, watermelon, summer berries, cilantro, elderflower. 

Amigas: Damaris and soul poesia Dorenyse

 DJ Glenn Red set the rhythm of the evening.

Bartender prepares BorraChata cocktails - yes, a mix of rum with the most popular agua fresca - house rum blend, horchata, cream, canela syrup, huevo.

Bartender and co-owner of Corazon y Miel Robin whips up refreshments at the bar.

The vibrant evening was almost too good for a Monday. It definitely started my week on the right note. Missed the first La Prueba? Follow @laprueba_sela for details on the next event July 27th!