Engagement Session: Tito and Yesenia

Just for fun Tito and Yesenia wanted to try an engagement session. Yesenia gave me a ton of great examples pics so that I would know what they were going for. Yesenia was looking for sun-drenched golden lit beach photos but on the morning we went to the beach, they sky was flat and sunless which made the desired effect hard to achieve.

However, I'm a huge fan of making lemonade (both metaphorical and literal) so we all went with it and pretended the sun wasn't completely absent. They were really easy-going and fun to work with. They braved the chilly ocean and I was just like omg, must keep clicking to capture Tito and Yesenia's moments...

Thank you for these two lovely people for letting me a part of their project and congrats on their engagement! I had a great time and I really hope I was able to capture their lighthearted, romantic and in-love moments so they will have them to look at always and always.