(I Found My Heart In) San Francisco

As soon as we got off our delayed flight, we took a Lyft ride from the airport to meet with my little brother and UC Berkeley student (yes, proud sister!) in the city. We had lunch and as we walked back he talked to me about how he writes - how to be dedicated, diligent and put it into practice every day. I can't lie, I am starved for those kinds of conversations. He was able to understand the struggle of working full-time, having a family and trying to be creative on the side. I struggle with it and that's exactly why I have this blog to cultivate, speak and share things that matter to me. And to be honest, I'm also trying to figure out what really matters to me. So my brother (we look nothing alike, only share one parent and haven't lived together in years) and I share a brain when it comes to our deeply seared love for literature and I think that's real nice. We all walked back to the hotel and he and Neve quickly realized the only thing to was to have a pillow fight.

On our first day we visited Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf, because we were excited tourists. The next day we went to Golden Gate Park, California Academy of Sciences, the Flying Falafel (because I like my meals Yelped before I get there). The third day was my 32nd birthday, so we went to the Mission District where I had fried plantains with crema, corned beef hash and that classic watered down flavorless generic delicious cup of coffee (heaven). We went to Mission Dolores that has 18th cemetery headstones with some listing the cause of death (morbidly fascinating). On our fourth day I woke up early for the event of a pastry-eating lifetime. I showed up 30 min before the introduction of the day's cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse because they debut a limited number in one flavor every day at 9am and typically sell-out within an hour. I was disappointed to find my first and probably last cruffin was chocolate. I wanted something more exotic, less obvious. But I can't lie, the cruffin was worth the wait and kind of fun that it was just a block away from our hotel. I went home stuffed with carbs and sugar and made a video about it if you don't believe me.

The daughter/beautiful angel.

The laundry.

The husband.

The little bro.

The colors.

The fish.

The shore by Alcatraz.

The aquarium.

It was nice to get away. Even if it was just for four days. We were outside our element with all the public transportation from the plane, Lyft, and bus rides. We only packed one backpack each to simplify the trip. Also we didn't really have a plan. There were a few places I wanted to visit but everything was open-ended. The trip was a chance to live the opposite way of my usual routine - planned, scheduled, limited. I need to make sure this happens sooner and more often. During our four days there, I feel like I was able to recover parts of myself that were buried beneath the months of monotony and routine. This trip was an exercise in spontaneity to derail that path. Also, I had a $10 ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli Square that I can't stop thinking about. So I would call this trip a success.