Happy Birthday at Urban Light

Urban Light at LACMA: contemporary art by Chris Burden - 202 restored cast iron street lamps - a blogger/photographer's paradise.

Personal style and fashion blogger Karina asked me to photograph her for a special 24th birthday post on her blog TheLovelyLook.com. I accepted! Even when I know it's not going to be easy, I accept every challenge and do my very best to make it happen. I stress and typically don't get restful sleep the night before, but once it's over and I'm editing and get a chance to revel in the magic of the project, it's always worth it. 

A pretty girl in a red dress with balloons on a sunny day, what's the challenge you ask? Well, it was chilly and windy (for Southern California) on a busy Saturday at Urban Light outside LACMA with balloons. It was a tough situation in some ways, but she definitely made it easy by not looking cold in the photos or freaking out when the balloons took departure into the sky...

We photographed just three days ago. I managed to edit a good amount of files (although I would have liked to have photoshopped more of the extras out of the background on a few of the pics) and Karina managed to edit a really cool little video on her Instagram. (I don't want to ruin the surprise but it involves glitter!). I had a really great time with this project and you can check out Karina's blog post here!

Today is Karina's 24th birthday! Be sure to wish her a happy, beautiful day on her YouTube vlog!