Grand Park in DTLA

I noticed potential for cinematic lighting the last couple times I visited the fountains at Grand Park in Downtown LA. Bare sunlight, shimmering reflections and droplets in motion made me want to play with my camera (and the undrinkable water).

Cinematic lighting…and white streaks on my lens because I got too close...

When I see a fountain, the thought of wading in turns into an urge and then melts away into a broken dream since we all know it's socially unacceptable to jump into public fountains without being yelled at by a security guard. To avoid all the incident report paperwork for the deviants who succumb to their urges, the city of Los Angeles made a genius move with the fountains at Grand Park. Not only is it ok to play in the fountains, we are invited to pack our swim-suited kids and run around.

Sparkle-tastic water play.

Close-up of the ever-tempting fountain. 

Swimsuits not required, but the smart kids wear them.

I like this place a lot. When it's 97 degrees out and you live in the SGV, open accessible water fountains are a lifesaver. My kid can run wild. I can play with my camera. It's free. There's a Starbucks within 50 feet. The restrooms aren't scary. I can pretend I have to chase after my kid, retain my dignity and secretly enjoy the fountains too. The floor spouts keep my fountain-jumping urges at bay. Grand Park has it all...I will be back!

My daughter's smile says it all.

My daughter's smile says it all.