Full Frontal

The thought of being photographed - exposed literally and figuratively - is like psychological nudity. But if I ever wanted to update my profile pics from a cellphone shot of a Meyer lemon to an actual picture of me, I would have to face the fear, full and frontal. 

My friend Alma agreed to be my photo benefactor. She suggested Chinatown at night…a girl after my own heart. Neon lights, technicolor reality, darkness, lonely streets. Let's do this!

In addition to having decent pics for my profiles, etc. I wanted to experience the other side of the lens to help me understand what it's like to be a subject with a camera in one's face. As difficult as it is, I know it is ultimately the photographer's responsibility to make it happen, as uncomfortable as it may be to direct or give critical feedback to the subject. As a subject I also learned it's not that bad to take in the feedback. That will be the next step in my photography journey - learning to push myself instead of relying solely on the roll of the dice.  

Alma's creative touch made magic out of a stiff model and I so appreciate her taking the time to do this. Kaleidoscopic colors and neon lights spilling across the every exotic silhouette while battling my natural inclination toward wooden posing and penchant for unflattering facial expressions was much more fun than I expected. My friend took lots of interesting chances with angles and lighting to create very lovely images. I don't believe in conventional 'pretty' so I adore these pics for their strangeness. This is the first time I wasn't bored with a pic of myself. Thank you, Alma!!