Book Confession: Moby-Dick

I've never read Melville. I majored in English and selected American Lit as my focus, yet I never read Melville. And worse, I bought Moby-Dick shortly after collegeā€¦I have a lovely pristine paperback copy with perfect untouched pages. It's been more of a dust-magnet/bookshelf-filler the past several years. I may or may not read the book one day. I should. I might. I probably will pick it up and even if I am no longer willing to dissect and disassemble the words, and lay themes out like strips of meat in the sun, I might be able to to at least enjoy the poetic language. I realize there might be a cavity in my literary soul caved in by the absence of Melville. I might, maybe one day attempt to fill the lacuna with his salty words. 

Until then, my reading repertoire is Melville-less and I will remain a slightly ashamed bibliophile. Tell no one of this transgression.