Triple Aquarius

Sandra envisioned hot terrain, harsh light and shadows for her shoot to give the sense of being on another planet. She found rusted train tracks, peeling walls, dirt, rocks, graffiti and feathery overgrown weeds at sunset just a few blocks from her house. 

Sandra designs, smiths and constructs otherworldly jewelry pieces from metal, plastic and wire. I see the contrast and juxtaposition of sharp angles with polished spheres, blunt plastic and delicate wire, threaded together in each of her pieces. Sandra's creative concept allowed for some surreal, fun color editing on my part which makes me happy!

The goal was for us to get shots of her wearing the pieces to be used for her upcoming website (link as soon as it's available!). As she explained to me, the smallest things are reflections of the biggest things and the biggest things in the universe mimic the smallest things. The bracelet below is a perfect example - strung together like a solar system or the structure of an atom? I'm so glad she let me be a part of her vision and I'm super happy that she is taking her jewelry to the next level. We have a film roll to be developed soon too…Can't wait to post a link to her site!