Book: Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Love Medicine makes me weak in the literary knees.

Buried beneath my bank and loan statements is my secondhand paperback copy of Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. I fell in love with this book. I had been reading a lot of Amy Tan a few months ago. Enamored with her, I followed her on Twitter. Ms. Tan retweeted a post from the Paris Review featuring an interview with Louise Erdrich, I clicked and by end I was fascinated with Ms. Erdrich. One online trail led to another and I purchased my first Louise Erdrich novel from Amazon. I still get a dreamy look in my eyes when I think of this book. I can't promise you will, but it's worth trying.

What I love about this book is the poetic writing, intricate connections, simplicity and related contradictions of human nature and the fact that I cannot explain what it is I understand and relate to within this book. It gives me feelings. It tugs at my emotions, but doesn't leave my brain to rot.