Saturday Night Special: Sushi Gen

The irresistible DTLA skyline at sunset.

The irresistible DTLA skyline at sunset.

I'm not sure when the last time my husband and I went out on a date but I know it was months ago. Modern life means there's never enough time or money to go around. You have to pick and choose what gets your attention and what to sacrifice. Most of the time we sacrifice each other. Earlier this month we had a rare three day weekend together so we loaded one of the weapons we have against routine and monotony and went on a date. 

Steamed Clams and Sashimi Deluxe. He makes my heart flutter when he waits for me to set up the pic before he eats.

Steamed Clams and Sashimi Deluxe. He makes my heart flutter when he waits for me to set up the pic before he eats.

I armed myself with a Yelp recommendation and we chose dinner at Sushi Gen. It's rather exciting when we go out, just us two, for a meal and grown-up conversation. Though to be fair there wasn't a lot of conversation once the dishes arrived. Maybe it was more of a leisurely co-eating adventure, but it was just what we needed. There was a time in both our lives when we considered Jack-In-The-Box (Cheese and Bacon Potato Wedges) and Applebee's (beer, Sampler Appetizer, beer) appropriate dinner fare. I haven't been to either one in years. A sign of evolving taste and maturity or increased snobbery? You decide.

Dating your spouse might not be as exciting as it was before you were married, but fireworks, fast food drive-thrus, and national chain restaurants are for kids. Sushi, Yelp, and dating your spouse are for the slow denouement into adulthood. Except when I'm craving nachos from King Taco.

Four Phases of Our Date:

Phase 1: Warm up the camera beginning with freeway shots.

Phase 2: Photograph everything between East LA and Little Tokyo including meat on outdoor spits.

Phase 3: Cityscapes at sunset. Ignore the traffic and dashboard.

Phase 4: Arrive at Sushi Gen and order the steamed clams because it's served in ginger broth. Take a few photos and then struggle with chopsticks.

List of eating establishments I frequent whose menus I know intimately enough to have a favorite dish and proof my taste is in the upper echelons of sophistication:

King Taco (carnitas torta, nachos)

Kogi BBQ (short rib tacos, Blackjack quesadilla)

Alondra's Hot Wings (Gambino pizza, Lime Chili wings)

The Pie Hole (Maple Custard pie) (I also covet their zip up hoodie with the Pie Hole logo)

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles (Chicken Chili Omelette, 1. Scoe's) 

Norm's (Chuckwagon Steak and Eggs, steak cooked medium, french fries subbed for hash browns, hotcakes with whipped butter, and ranch sauce on the side for dipping fries, also I pack my own A1 sauce since they only carry the Norm's brand sauce, you should do the same).