Photoshop CS6 Course


East LA street, my daughter Neve and my first exercise in digital photo manipulation with Photoshop. Before this course, I was only able to edit with Lightroom which is mostly color editing with very light spot editing. Photoshop definitely has its charms, though I still prefer not to rely on Photoshop-ping when possible. I did feel a little bit pro when I was done with this pic. I've always struggled with technical aspects of anything and this took hours to complete. I may have palm-sweated all over the mouse. 


2014 update: I took the class in February of 2013 and now (August of 2014), I could probably do the same edit in 35 minutes or less. Keep in mind, most photos don't need this much editing although I have had moments where I had to Photoshop out the seemingly impossible…I'll do a post on a before and after soon.